Chapter 68: Five Powerful Disciples

In the Evil Earth Martial School, there were twenty-four inner elders, each of them with cultivation above the Clasping Yuan Realm. In fact, the leader of the school, Jiang Tiansha, was known to be at the peak of Late Clasping Yuan Realm, and used the rare weapon Moonshine Great Wheel. With his cultivation and that rare weapon, he was someone that even the leaders of top five martial institutions did not dare to underestimate.

Even with this kind of lineup, they had been exterminated in just one night. Ye Chen was now even more sure that the person in the coffin being carried by those five disciples must have been an Astral Reaching Realm disciple. He felt that it wasn't someone who had just entered the Astral Reaching Realm either, as even someone at that level would not have the ability to exterminate a rank 9 martial institution, even with the help of five powerful Clasping Reality Realm disciples.

Ye Chen shook his head, he knew that it wasn't really his business to be worried about such things. He was still not qualified to do so. All he could do now was to train harder to try and increase his own cultivation level, so that he could protect himself in the future.

The news of the fall of the Evil Earth Martial School had not only reached the Sky Cloud Martial School, but various other parties had also learned of it. Due to this, the entire Windy Nation was in shock.

Frozen Horror Mountains, where the Earth Horror Martial School was present.

The whole mountains were filled with corpses that belonged to the outer disciples, inner disciples, core disciples, attendants, outer elders, inner elders, and the family members of the elders and the leader. They were all lying on the floor with their eyes wide open. It was extremely horrifying.

In the middle of the welcoming plaza, there was a human figure standing still, who looked extremely powerful.

However, if you looked more closely, you would realize that he was already dead.

On his muscular chest, there was a bowl-sized bloody hole from which his heart was taken out. His blood had been drained and dried out. It was thick and had a dark brown color.

If anyone saw this, they would definitely recognize that the standing corpse was indeed the leader of the Evil Earth Martial School, Jiang Tiansha.

A powerful disciple at the peak of Late Clasping Yuan Realm had his heart taken out. If anyone heard of this, they would definitely be scared.


No one knew exactly how long it had been there, but a red dot appeared from the east side of the sky.

It got brighter and brighter, illuminating its entire surroundings in a shade of red. If one looked a bit more carefully, they would be able to make out a human figure wrapped in that bright red light, moving towards this direction at an inhuman speed.


The red light landed on the welcoming plaza, it circled around the human figure for a couple of times and then completely disappeared.

"Exterminated in one night? Who did it?" The man, seemingly in his forties, put his hands behind him. He stood there like a ferocious tiger looking down. He was indeed the leader of the Sky Cloud Martial School, Luo Xinglie.

Among the top five martial institutions, the Sky Cloud Martial School and the North Snow Martial Academy were the closest to the Evil Earth Martial School. After hearing the news, Luo Xinglie left the school at once, and travelled ten thousand miles, in the hopes of finding some clues, so that he could be a bit more prepared for the uncertain future.

He reached out his hand and made a grabbing gesture in the air towards Jiang Tiansha's chest. He got hold of some evil Qi still present inside the corpse, and forced it out.


The evil Qi was extremely resilient, and kept corroding Luo Xinglie's Zhen Qi. He sneered, and accumulated the red light in his palms and burned the evil Qi to nothing.

Before he was about to investigate more, Luo Xinglie suddenly raised his head, and looked towards the north-east.

Above the horizon, the white clouds were sliced open.

A human figure had been approaching at an inhuman speed, everything that was obstructing his way had been cut open by his extremely sharp Qi, including the shapeless air.


The man landed just ten meters to the right of Luo Xinglie.

The man was clothed in white, his face was pale and clean-shaven; his hands were tucked behind his back. His posture was casual and relaxed, but one could still tell that he was extremely powerful.

"Xue Wuren, your saber intent is a lot better than three years ago." Luo Xinglie studied the man in front of him carefully, and then said slowly.

The middle-aged man in white smiled lightly and said: "You never know, it might lose its sharpness one day. How about yourself? I see that you have reached the eleventh stage of your Major Luo God Art."

Luo Xinglie didn't reply. The man in front of him was the leader of the North Snow Martial Academy, Xue Wuren, who had started training martial arts since he was nine, and reached the Condensing Reality Realm when he was sixteen, and the Clasping Yuan Realm at the age of twenty-eight. From this, one would think that he was no genius. It might even seem that he was extremely ordinary. But what made him different was the fact that he was able to sense the extremely rare sabre intent, when he reached the Mid Condensing Reality Realm. Even now, nobody knew how powerful he really was.

Three years ago, Luo Xinglie had zero confidence in beating Xue Wuren. Now, after three years, he was even more certain of that fact. He had to admit that if they were ever to fight, his chances of winning would not be more than forty-five percent. Of course, he did have some secret martial arts that he hadn't shown yet, but he was also sure that Xue Xinglie had some too.

Xue Wuren turned his attention to the corpse, and asked: "Have you gotten anything yet?"

Luo Xinglie let out a sigh, "Only a little. There was some evil Qi present in Jiang Tiansha's body. Even after half a month, it was still there in his body."

"Oh, I see."

Xue Wuren furrowed his eyebrows. The training methods of Evil Earth Martial School were different from the other martial institutions. They infused evil Qi into their Zhen Qi to make it extremely powerful. Normally, the evil Qi could not be infused, since it was not something used by human beings, but rather demonic beasts. But, somehow the Evil Earth Martial School managed to master it and became the best school when it came to using evil Qi in Windy Nation.

"Who could kill the leader of the Evil Earth matial institution which was well known for his usage of evil Qi, with evil Qi? Why hasn't their evil Qi dissipated, even after half a month's time?"

"Also, look at his expression. He was shocked, but at the same time impressed. He encountered something that impressed him before his death. So, I think that some old monster might have come out of his nest."

As a Late peak Clasping Yuan Realm disciple, Luo Xinglie was excellent at observation, he was able to guess the truth from the smallest of clues, which was in such a huge contrast with his appearance.

Hearing him, Xue Wuren's face changed a little, but soon reverted back to normal. "An old monster coming out of his nest? Are you sure?"

"Eighty percent sure! Otherwise, who could have exterminated the whole Evil Earth Martial School in one night, that too with evil Qi better than Jiang Tiansha's?"

Xue Wuren nodded unnoticeably, then sighed: "If so, it is going to be a huge news for the Windy Nation."

Luo Xinglie sneered, looked up and said, "Tu Chongshan's here!"

"Long Biyun is here too. And also, huh, Zhuang Qixian, that bastard is not coming and instead, he sent some random elder here. He obviously did not take us seriously." Xue Wuren's sensitivity was not any lower than Luo Xinglie's. He looked up, and squinted his eyes.

In the south-east direction, a golden yellow-colored halo flew through the clouds, melting the surrounding air. It looked just like a huge fireball that was shooting towards them. There were exploding sounds accompanying it that could be heard continuously. They were extremely terrifying.

In the south, it started to rain. A gorgeous lady holding an umbrella walked towards them through the air. Although she was extremely fast, it somehow looked like she was just taking a walk in the rain.

In the west, there was an elder stepping on lightning heading towards them. He looked quite proud, even though he was slower than the other two.


The gorgeous lady holding the umbrella arrived first, her hair was shining like a waterfall, her body was slim like a teenage girl's. The blue dress she was wearing made it look like there were waves of water twisting around her body, so as to keep any dust away from her.

"You two are here quite early." The beautiful lady put away her umbrella, and said with a smile.

Luo Xinglie said: "Your Godly Water Spell from Rudra Martial School was just as powerful as I heard it was. I, Luo Xinglie, have learned something today."

The gorgeous lady was indeed the leader of one of the top three martial schools, the Rudra Martial School's Long Biyun. But, she was the youngest among them, still in her thirties. Her background was quite mysterious, no one knew where she was born or where she had learnt her martial arts.